PRC Fall Program Guide 2022



Family Ceramics Age: 5Y-14Y

This is a new and unique course designed for a parent and school aged child to take together. Participants will be guided through handbuilding techniques to create a coil pot, textured vase, tea lights and sculptural pieces including faces, dragons, and monsters. This course is for one parent and one child. Instructor: Dennis Hixson Location: The ACT Fee: $200 | Sessions: 8 Th 3:30PM-5:00PM Oct 6-Nov 24 #40609 Let's play with clay! In this class, students will create playful and imaginative weekly projects while exercising their fine motor skills. All supplies included Instructor: Bee Bruce Location: The ACT Fee: $175 | Sessions: 8 Su 10:00AM-11:30AM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40608 Clay Handbuilding and Pottery Students will learn slab, pinching, and coiling techniques to make functional cups, bowls, and plates as well as cool, creative sculptures. Students will finish their projects with colourful glazes or paint. All Clay Explorations Age: 4Y-7Y

Theatrix: Musical Theatre Junior Level Age: 6Y-9Y

Musical Theatre Juniors has it all for those who love to sing, dance, and act. Over the eight weeks of instruction, young performers will immerse themselves in these three areas of performance and will show off their talents on the last day with a mini musical for family and friends. Instructor: Haley Klein Location: The ACT Fee: $125 | Sessions: 8 W 4:30PM-5:30PM Oct 5-Nov 23 #40534 Older children can dive into a world of Musical Theatre in this class for those interested in singing, dancing, and acting. Registrations will build characters and confidence on stage, while learning a mini musical production to perform for families on the last class. Instructor: Haley Klein Location: The ACT Fee: $125 | Sessions: 8 W 5:45PM-6:45PM Oct 5-Nov 23 #40549 In these sessions, students will examine techniques for acting on the stage. Registrants will learn to break-down and study play scripts, as well as learn to build characters and confidence on the stage! Instructor Haley Klein will provide students with a script to perform for the last class of the term. No previous acting experience necessary, all levels of actors are encouraged to register. Instructor: Haley Klein Location: The ACT Fee: $125 | Sessions: 8 W 7:00PM-8:00PM Oct 5-Nov 23 #40572 Theatrix: Musical Theatre Senior Level Age: 10Y-14Y Theatrix: Theatre Acting for Youth Age: 10Y-14Y

supplies included. Location: The ACT Fee: $175 | Sessions: 8 Instructor: Ratna Gandhi Age: 8Y-12Y M 3:30PM-5:00PM Instructor: Dennis Hixson Age: 10Y-15Y Tu 4:00PM–5:30PM

Oct 24-Dec 19


Oct 4-Nov 22


Instructor: Bee Bruce Age: 8Y-12Y Su


Oct 16-Dec 11


Youth Clay Handbuilding and Pottery Age: 12Y-16Y

This "teen only" session gives youth the chance to get creative with their peers. Working on the wheel and on handbuilding projects, expand your skills and discover how to decorate and glaze your work. All supplies included. Instructor: Emily Sheppard Location: The ACT Fee: $175 | Sessions: 8 W 4:00PM-5:30PM Oct 5-Nov 23 #40563



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