PRC Fall Program Guide 2022



Drawing and Painting Age: 7Y-10Y

Junior Dance Party Age: 5Y-8Y

In these sessions, students will work with pencil and charcoal mediums, tempera and watercolour paints, coloured pencils, chalk and oil pastels, as well as pen and ink on various paper types. Some mixed-media and collage techniques will be explored. Detailed demonstrations and step-by-step instructions from teacher Oksana Slonevskaya will guide students to try various styles and techniques of art creation. Students will learn some art vocabulary, art history, and will be encouraged to experiment and make their own choices on composition, shape, and colour. Inspirational ideas will be based on world renowned artists! No previous experience required (open to all levels). Instructor: Oksana Slonevskaya Location: The ACT Fee: $110 | Sessions: 8 M 4:00PM-5:30PM Oct 3-Dec 5 #40570 Explore new ways of making and seeing in this fun filled art class. Students will be introduced to imaginative projects which will include drawing, painting, collaging, and printmaking. We will also create special customized portfolio books in which completed projects can easily be stored and shown off to family and friends! Instructor: Janet Comer Location: The ACT Fee: $110 | Sessions: 8 Su 3:00PM-4:30PM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40561 Professional arts educator, Kathryn Wadel, will encourage students' artistic expression through creative projects using a variety of drawing and painting materials like graphite pencils, pastels, collage, recyclable materials, watercolour paints and more! They will also learn the Principles of Art and Colour Theory through fun and engaging art projects. All supplies included. Instructor: Kathryn Wadel Location: The ACT Fee: $145 | Sessions: 8 Sa 1:00PM-3:00PM Oct 15-Dec 10 #40526 This is a fun course packed with art and craft ideas centered around the theme of animals and insects. Paint and draw your favorite animal character, make your very own insect out of found materials. This is an active class that blends animal facts with art making. Instructor: Shelly Davies-Conley Location: The ACT Fee: $95 | Sessions: 8 W 1:00PM–2:00PM Oct 5-Nov 23 #40617 CANCELLED Young Artists Age: 8Y-13Y Creative Arts for Youth Age: 6Y-14Y Crafts and Critters Age: 4Y-6Y

This is the perfect class for your lively, energized child who is ready to jazz-it-up on the dance floor. In this class, all dancers will be introduced to the dance style “Jazz” in a creative and welcoming environment. A fun and creative outlet for students to socially interact and develop coordination, rhythm, and strength, all while moving and grooving to the music! Instructor: Katrina Smith Location: The ACT Fee: $65 | Sessions: 8 Sa 3:10PM-3:55PM Oct 15-Dec 10 #40528 Su 11:30AM-12:15PM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40985 Join us for an upbeat and fun introduction to hip hop dance. Musicality and self-expression are encouraged as children learn new moves along with exercising, improving their coordination, and developing an appreciation for movement through dance. Instructor: Chloe Zondag Location: The ACT Fee: $65 | Sessions: 8 F 5:00PM-5:45PM Oct 7-Dec 2 #40523 Instructor: Sarah McEvoy Su 1:45PM-2:30PM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40983 Expanding on skills learned in Intro to Ballet for Preschoolers, students will be introduced to more basic movements and techniques in a positive and supportive environment. While moving to music, imagination, motor skills, self esteem, and social interaction are developed. Prerequisite required: Intro to Ballet for Preschoolers. Instructor: Katrina Smith Location: The ACT Fee: $65 | Sessions: 8 Sa 2:20PM-3:05PM Oct 15-Dec 10 #40560 Su 10:30AM-11:15AM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40982 Lyrical Dance Express yourself with a blend of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance characterized by a range of movement from fluid and graceful to assertive and strong. Powerful music allows for a play of simple and complex movement with an emphasis on connecting the body with emotion. Instructor: Sarah McEvoy Location: The ACT Fee: $65 | Sessions: 8 Age: 8Y-10Y Su 12:30PM-1:30PM Oct 16-Dec 11 #40984 Hip Hop Age: 6Y-10Y Intermediate Ballet Age: 5Y-8Y



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