2023 Learning and Development Catalogue

Digital Innovation and Leadership (DIAL)


• Registration is open to a maximum of 10 participants • Course is offered virtually

SFU Beedie’s DIAL Initiative has been developed in close collaboration with industry partners to build capacity within organizations to create systems change solutions. Participating will give you a better understanding of yourself, the organization and your customers so you deliver value and improve their experience while strengthening the corporate culture. DIAL features two programs that are custom designed for working professionals: Digital Transformation Management (DTM) For early to mid-career individuals to develop a digital innovation mindset with the skills and capabilities to apply them into action. Participants will gain tips to engage with customers effectively, learn how to identify problems and choose solutions and develop consulting, collaboration and mapping skills to visualize and create business solutions designs. Digital Transformation Leadership (DTL) Ideal for middle to senior-level individuals and leaders who drive digital transformation decisions and need a roadmap they can apply to the organization. Participants will develop an awareness of digital capabilities and the skills to ideate by using their work as case studies to implement a digital product or service transformation.

Digital Transformation Management: COURSE START DATE: SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 • 17 weeks of online, on demand content • Synchronous sessions via Zoom: – Two 2-hours synchronous sessions (Mondays) • Seven 1.5 hour Peer Learning Sessions (Thursdays)


Digital Transformation Leadership: COURSE START DATE: SEPTEMBER 18, 2023 • 11 weeks of online, on demand content • Synchronous sessions via Zoom: – Three 2-hour synchronous sessions (Mondays) – Ten 1.5 hour Peer Learning Sessions (Wednesdays) • Time requirement: 4-6 hours/week



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