PRC Spring 2023 Program Guide



Clay Sculpture & Pottery for Youth Age: 10Y-15Y

Digital Photography for Youth Age: 10Y-15Y

If you can think it, you can sculpt it! Students will learn hand-building and sculpting techniques to create functional ceramic cups, bowls, plates and sculptures finished with colourful glazes. Location: The ACT

Do you have a digital camera? Learn the basics of photography and have fun taking great photos. Students will learn how to enhance their photography skills through digital editing and create compelling artwork. Explore your favourite subjects through the lens of photography in the studio and outdoors. Let’s get shooting! Instructor: Tina Ranger Location: The ACT Fee: $140 | Sessions: 8 Tu 3:30PM-5:30PM Apr 4-May 23 #47151 Join Erin Larsen as they take you step by step through the creative process of stone carving. Each week you will create something new taking your piece from a raw stone to a beautiful and smooth object that you can wear or keep as a precious momento. All supplies are included in this safe and fun art medium. Instructor: Erin Larsen Location: The ACT Fee: $145 | Sessions: M 3:30-5:00PM Apr 3–Jun 5 #48048 Soapstone Carving for Youth Age 10Y-15Y

Fee: $185 | Sessions: 8 Instructor: Bee Bruce Su Instructor: Bee Bruce Tu 3:30PM-5:00PM 12:00PM-1:30PM

Apr 2-Jun 4


Apr 4-May 23


Clay Handbuilding for Children Age 6Y-12Y

Bring your ideas to life while you learn about handbuilding and sculpting techniques.Create functional ceramic cups,bowls,plates and sculptures. Each piece will be carefully finished with colourful glazes. Location: The ACT Fee: $185 I Sessions: 8 Instructor: Ratna Gandhi M 3:30PM-5:00 PM Apr 3-Jun 5 #47157

Creative Digital Collage Age: 8Y-14Y

Kids Innovative: Computer Animation Age: 8Y-14Y

Cut, copy, paste! Learn to create digital collages, portraits, and surreal landscapes on the computer. Students will learn how to manipulate, cut out, blend images, build their computer art skills and create

Build the skills you need to be an animator! In this fun-filled digital animation program students will experiment with character movement, manipulation, expressions, storytelling, and have fun bringing their characters to life using computer animation software.

imaginative digital artwork. Instructor: Scott Ritchings Location: The ACT Fee: $160 | Sessions: 8 W 5:15PM-7:15PM Digital Comics & Storytelling Age: 8Y-14Y

Instructor: Hillina Location: The ACT Fee: $160 | Sessions: 8 Su

Apr 5-May 24



Apr 2-Jun 4


Kids Innovative: Visual Arts Age: 8Y-14Y

Comics can be more than superhero adventures. Learn to tell visual stories with humour, adventure, and personal experiences using computer drawing software. Students will develop their own unique style and practice with digital tools used by many artists to write, draw

Dive into digital art! In these media art sessions, students will explore the elements and principles of design used by great artists. Students will experiment with free-hand digital drawing, photo editing, typography and video manipulation using computers to create digital art.

and colour their own comics. Instructor: Scott Ritchings Location: The ACT Fee: $160 | Sessions: 8 W 3:30PM-5:00PM

Instructor: Hillina Location: The ACT Fee: $160 | Sessions: 8 Su 1:00PM-2:30PM

Apr 5-May 24


Apr 2-Jun 4




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