PRC Fall Program Guide 2022


Albion community centre


Volunteers built the historic Albion Hall on 240 Street which served the surrounding neighbourhood for 88

years! 2011 The Hall was retired with a

commitment to explore options for a new community space in the future. 2013 A public consultation process was held regarding the Albion Area Plan. 2015 The City and SD42 entered into a Joint Acquisition Agreement to acquire the required property to facilitate the joint development of the community centre and c̓ əsqənelə Elementary. 2016 A public consultation process on design and programming was held at Albion Elementary for the new school and community centre site. 2018 A stakeholder consultation meeting was held at the Maple Ridge Library on the design and offerings of a new Albion Community Centre. 2019 Council awarded the contract for the Albion Community Centre (ACC) Phase One construction. 2021 Phase Two of construction continued through the end of the year; however, extreme weather events, supply and service interruptions caused delays in achieving completion. 2022 THE ALBION COMMUNITY CENTRE IS NOW OPEN!

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